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Toon Boom Project in the works

2010-11-10 19:35:50 by TheGreeNate

Well I announced before. that I'm working on a project in toon boom. But I have to do it since it was an assignment from my professr at West LA. And get this, he's my painting professor! I have to finish this by tuesday! Here is how it happened:

I'm In class. I had no painting tools so I busted out with the laptop, the tablet and booted up Toon Boom. Everyone saw what I was doing and had a good laugh. Then my professor saw it.

Professor: Wow! That looks really good. *laughs*
Me: Thanks man! I really-
Profesor: Finish it and bring it back tuesday. That's your assignment. I wanna see how it turns out.

Man this isn't even an animation class and I have to complete this by tuesday! Well one scene is done and that's good news. So keep an eye out for my animation. Oh boy, I hope this turns out decent.


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