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Blue vs. Green 3 Uptdates and..The rock Returns?

2011-02-15 17:37:10 by TheGreeNate

Hey waddup! This is TheGreeNate! Okay so far the script is already done and right now i'm working on character designs and storyboarding. I've got one voice actor who said she's up for it. She's known as Vero-Chan. I heard her demo and she's really good! She's gonna be doing a couple of voices. She hasn't seen the script yet but i plan on sending it out this week. With all the work going into this project it may take a while for me to complete but hopefully I can get it done by the end of the school semester. I've already got a lot of people as well as two art professors who want to see the conclusion and that is driving me to complete it. I hope ya'll are looking forward to it.

Now for the next topic, THE ROCK HAS RETURNED TO RAW! No, i'm not kidding. My sister had an avatar of him on her facebook profile and told me he returned. I didn't believe it. So I went on youtube and looked it up and there were a lot of videos with titles of his return to raw. i thought it was one of those fake edited WWE videos that most people have made. Then I clicked on one of them. Sure enough, the rumors were true! To no one's surprise, he still has that electrifying aura that has always been with him throughout all of his years in the WWF/WWE. When you hear "IF YA SMELL!" the crowd still goes insane and shits their pants, and to tell you the truth, I'm one of those fans. I was literally abusing the replay button on that video I saw. On top of all that, on top of all that he has a new theme arrangement AND I'M DIGGIN IT! Man not havin cable sucks right now Oh well I'm sure somebody will upload Wrestlemania on youtube like always. One more thing, why did people think Justin Bieber was gonnna host Wrestlemania? LOL I'm out! Will coninue with more updates on the project!


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