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The Anime Studio Pro Story

2011-03-20 00:25:28 by TheGreeNate

When I was 18 years old, I bought a program i thought would bring my ideas to life. It was called Anime Studio Pro 6. I saw some videos on youtube liked what I saw. I thought it was really good.....I was DEAD WRONG. For one the drawing tool is AWFUL! When you draw something, a bunch of dots appear on the screen and there is no way to get them off. Secondly, literally everything you do needs a layer! You can't animate by keyframes, you have to draw one thing, go into another layer, draw something else, go into another and the cycle continues. Somebody made an action script tool where you could use keyframe animation, but even then that was a pain. I had never touched that program all throughout 2010.....SO WHY DID I INSTALL IT ON MY COMPUTER AGAIN!? Well there is a very talented animator who uses sprites. You might have heard of him, his youtube name is ifureadthisdie. He wanted to combine 2D with 3D elements so he tried to make a background in Anime studio Pro 7. He said the program has WAY TOO MANY glitches. They messed up his sound, his background, or as he put it "the video entirely" was messed up. He got so angry he didn't even thank his viewers. While he hated the video I actually thought it was pretty legit. So i tried out the 3D feature in there, and it was actually kind of cool. I told my friend John, a stop motion animator, and he told me that Anime Studio has way too many things missing in it.......Oh man. I might try and make a background in it one day. But for now, time to finish up this fight scene on my Mario project. I'm out!


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