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Updates, upgrades and new va?

2011-03-21 02:21:51 by TheGreeNate

Hey this is TheGreeNate. Don't know if I mentioned it, but I have received the rest of Vero-Chan's lines....and they are AWESOME! Still waiting on Droux the Shredder to finish some of his lines as well as Lycoris-moon. Now about Rina Chan? I really have intentions on asking someone else if the wanna do the characters. The reason why is because I sent her the script lines and the characters, and she has not responded. Maybe she is too busy, or maybe she just saw the first two installments of my blue vs. green series and thought they were garbage....I dunno. All I know is if she doesn't respond by the end of the month, I'm gonna look for someone else. I had intentions on asking a really good voice actress who has been in tons of things. You might have heard of her, she goes by the name of Hnilmik. Unfortunately, she has way too many projects to finish and if you are extremely busy, I'm not one who wants to get in the way of what you're doing. But there is one va I have in mind though.

Now here is the big thing I wanna talk about. Another animation program (NO! NOT ANIME STUDIO!). All throughout 2010, I had my eyes on Toon Boom Animate, an animation program that takes a dump on Toon Boom Studio. I have some money coming in two weeks, and I plan on getting Toon boom Animate. I also plan on animating Blue vs. Green 3 in this program! The reason is because this was originally the program I wanted to get, but I didn't have enough for it so i got Toon boom Studio. Animate has all the things that I want in it. It even exports videos faster! Don't get me wrong Toon Boom Studio is an excellent animation program, but it took me a long time, just to export Blue vs. Green 2 an animation that was like 5 minutes long. There were also times where the program would lag while I was animating so much so that would eventually...well crash. I also wanna show Blue vs. Green 3 on newgrounds so what I'll have to do is export it as an swf video and put it into flash. However an animator uses flash and Toon Boom Studio (his name is Kyutwo) was quoted as saying "Trying to get a toon boom animation to work in flash is like trying to get a PS3 game to work on a PS2." Things missing from your animation, black spots and stuff you can't fix! Whoa! So yeah the mario project may be my last animation in Toon Boom Studio. Speaking of Mario project i only have one more scene to complete!

Let's see here.....OH YEAH! Here are some other things on my list when my money comes in!
-Adobe Premium Suite
-Camstasia Studio
-A scanner
-Internet (Don't have it on my laptop LOLZ)
-A 3D program (for making backgrounds...I dunno we'll see how that goes.)
Yup that's pretty much it! See ya!

Nate (TGN)


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