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Item obtained: NINTENDO 3DS!

2011-04-16 13:57:33 by TheGreeNate

I am doing the fanboy dance right now. Because this thing is so awesome! The game i have for it is Super Street Fighter 4. I was having lots of fun with the online matches. Man there are spammers online. After that I got a chance to try out the AR cards. I'm not going to question it at all, I'm just going to assume that it is technology from another planet. At first I wasn't too comfortable with the dragons popping out of my living room table spewing fire and acid at me, but I got used to it and it was really fun! The next game on my list is Rayman 3D, then Ocarina of time when it comes out, then Star Fox 64 3D. Now excuse me while i play it some more!


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